The Liberal War on Women


This week the Liberal groups celebrated the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion. They took to twitter rejoicing in the decision and claiming a victory for women’s’ health. There was also a gala to celebrate the anniversary. These events and remarks from Liberals were also celebrated on all mainstream media outlets.
The liberal media fails to have mentioned the hundreds of thousands of young people who participated in the March for Life rally in Washington. These people were ignored or ridiculed.
This day demonstrated how demonic and twisted the liberals are by celebrating and rejoicing in the deaths of over fifty million unborn babies. They further their decline in morality by claiming that there is a war on women due to the states enacting laws to limit abortion after 20 weeks of the fifth month of pregnancy. With modern medicine babies born at twenty weeks generally survive. But liberals believe that it is acceptable to end the life of these viable children. But the contradiction in our laws show that when a pregnant women who is murdered the criminal is charged with two counts of murder. That is because taking of a human life is murder. Will these same liberal groups argue in defense of the murderer that the unborn child does not matter and this criminal’s rights are being violated by charging them with the death of the unborn child? If they are so certain in their beliefs that the unborn child is just a thing and not a human life then why are they not defending the murderer in these cases?
The argument that abortion is about women’s health is a further distortion of their views. In Texas they passed a law for women’s health that required abortion clinics to be within a reasonable distance to a hospital and required for abortion providers to have admitting rights to a hospital. The liberals claim these requirements are an attack on women’s health by limiting the ability of abortion providers. It seems to me that protecting women’s health should include regulating these abortion clinics to ensure that in the event of a complication in the abortion procedure, the women can have immediate medical care. Do these liberals prefer to deny this protection and access to care to women in order to have more abortion clinics? Is it better to have more clinics than to have access to emergency medical care for women?
The views of liberals are in my opinion not focused on the genuine good of women, but more on using women to promote their own party by making false claims of a war on women and insinuating that women cannot care for themselves and that women require special treatment facilitated by the federal government. These liberal views are a significant step backwards in the equality of women. You cannot in good conscience state that women are equal to men and then demand special programs and services for women because they believe they cannot care for their own needs without intervention.




  1. Thank you for this brave and passionate piece! Reading pieces like this, and seeing the stupendous turnout at March for Life, really remind me that Truth will never die. I particularly appreciate you highlighting the irony of liberals touting “women’s health” when they reject legislations actually aimed at protecting women. I want to share this recent piece on putting an end to abortion euphemisms, and if you agree, I hope you’ll share your insights (e.g. the women’s health example) in a comment for the benefit of other readers!

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