“Raising the Debt limit does not increase our debt” – President Obama

Why do we accept a President who flat out straight face lies to the American People?

“Raising the Debt limit does not increase our debt” President Obama

How is that possible? If it is true that if the government cannot cover the expenses already incurred with the American taxpayer money in the U.S. treasury, the does it not then mean that we have to borrow money to cover the over-expenditures of the federal government? If the government borrows more money to cover money already spent then that most certainly increases our debt. If I get a credit limit increase of $5000 on my Master Card and then use it to pay off bills I need to pay but don’t have the cash because I spent it shopping for non-essential items, then I have increased my debt limit by being irresponsible in my spending and also irresponsible in paying my bills on borrowed money of which I’ll then pay interest on. The borrowed $5000, when eventually paid off with interest will likely end up costing around $8500. How is this acceptable for a family budget? It’s not.

Our Federal Government cannot even sit down and go over their expenditures and find waste and duplication and cut out some non-essentials one example would be the recent contract awarded by the State Department the day before the government shutdown for $5 million on new crystal ware for our embassies. Thinking of Benghazi and other foreign embassies I have to wonder if they are going to spend $5M wouldn’t it at least be more accepted if it was going towards increased security? I say let them drink out of Dixie cups and stop spending taxpayer money on opulence!



  1. Excellent post! Keep spreading the word. When Nancy Pelosi says there’s absolutely nothing else to cut, it’s a perfect reminder that these people have been inside the beltway far too long. Send them all home! Institute term limits and rescind the 17th Amendment.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, I’m fed up with the lies and debt this country has. It’s time we take our country back to a balanced budget which will provide genuine progress in the economy and in the lives of all Americans.

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