Patriots will Protect America if the Obama Administration will not!

“When you are wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, ‘What would George do?’ ” [GWB]

Those are the words George W. Bush spoke to Obama, during his official portrait dedication at the White House last May.


What we do know is that during the Bush presidency post 9/11 not a single terrorist made it to their target. Under the Obama’s four years thus far five terrorist have made it to their target.

The Boston Terror attack demonstrates excessive failures in the policies and procedure GWB put into place after 9/11.

Under Obama we had an ambassador murdered by Jihadist, and the facts surrounding that attack has gone unanswered. The Benghazi attack was intentionally down played and shoved under the rug, for political gain as the 2012 election was just two months away. What kind of a President creates a false narrative, has the UN Ambassador go on every Sunday show and mislead the American people as to the cause of the attack? Obama and his staff went above and beyond the call of duty for an election win, rather than follow their oath of office and tell the American people the truth. Now months after the re-election of Obama the families of those lost in Benghazi still do not have answers, just empty words and a tale that has more twist and turns than a roller coaster.

The Obama administration is also deliberately intimidating and isolating the survivors of the attack. We do know that the attack was being broadcast in real-time via a drone above the compound and Obama and Hillary were present in the room. If they had a drone there to watch why did they do nothing? Why were the seals at the annex told to stand down? For those who want to politicize the demands for the truth and timeline of the attack, must understand that we that support getting to the bottom of this is not to make someone look bad, but it’s because the families of those who were lost on 9/11/2012 deserve to know why their loved ones are gone. Also it is vital to the nation that politics never get in the way of our national security, and that is what happened and needs to be exposed for what it is so that is never done again.

Unfortunately, it appears that this has happened again, but not because of the white house, but because of a failure to diligently follow all the procedures implemented within DHS, FBI and ICE to catch these people who were on the watch list yet the eldest brother, was able to travel out of the country and back into the country without being detained despite multiple and clear warnings about him from the Russian government.

Another factor that continues to go unaddressed, is dealing with these Mosques that openly support radical Islam, speak of killing all Jews and many other hate speech and teaching members to hate America and endorse violence upon America. This is no only inciting violence, but treasonous and against many other laws in our country. It is the duty of DHS and the FBI to identify these facilities and shut them down or at least pursue prosecution of the Imam and leaders of the Mosque.

The greatest risk to national security of America is the change of tone on radical Islam and terrorist. This administration is under the impression if we don’t identify them as terrorists and refuse to associate Radical Islam that would somehow make the Muslim world like us more and thereby not commit to attacking America as much.

Essentially if we are really super nice to the bully, maybe they won’t hurt us. That is about as far from the American spirit and what America stands for than anything I’ve ever heard.

This administration obviously ignores the numerous acts of bravery and sacrifices the victims of 9/11 demonstrated as the real people of America. They seem to have forgotten, that that Americans are patriotic and when faced with danger we do not cower in the corner, we stand up and fight or as was famously said on the PA flight on 9/11 “Let’s Roll”!

In the aftermath of the Boston terror attack again the American people demonstrated heroism, as well as the patriotism that unites us. This administration appears to neither understand the American spirit or choses to suppress it.

Even if this administration prefers to cower, hide and present financial and military gifts to the Muslim brotherhood in the false hopes they will like us more and essentially attempt to buy peace with radical Islam, the American people will not follow suit and cower along with them.

If the Patriots must rise up again to save this country that spirit of fight runs deep in the heart and veins of all Americans and if our elected leaders fail to do their primary duty which is to provide national security to the American people, then the American people will invoke our 2nd amendment rights as a militia and take on radical Islam in America on our own.

Of course all the departments of government are very much against vigilantly justice, but under the constitution and in the bill of rights, it is our duty as Americans to protect our people and country, especially if the federal government is not doing so as their primary role as a government.

So if the federal government wants to remain a legitimate government of the people, by the people and of the people, then they need to forgot all the ridiculous politics, accept that we are truly at war with radical Islam and start defending our country accordingly, because if they won’t then the Patriots will.

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